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Book 1, Part 1

• This book is a compilation and examination of the nature and function of government.

• There are many historical and contemporary examples used.

• There are three main points: That the will of the people is infallible; that the sole function of the government is to enact that will; and that the government must adapt to whatever form is necessary, and do so with integrity and efficiency.

• The Prologue states that the author's purpose is to inform himself as much as possible about the way that a state is run.

• Chapter 1 - "Summary of the First Book".

• The author states that every human being lives in chains, and that violence is a poor means of maintaining social order.

• According to the author, the right way to live and govern is based on social conventions.

• Chapter 2 - "Of First Societies".

• The author compares authoritarian socio-political systems with a family...

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