Objects & Places from Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Lisa See
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Puwei - This location is a farming village.

Tongkou - A leader's beautiful home is located here.

Temple of Gupo - Two characters steal baby shoes at this location.

Jintian - This very poor location is desolate and dirty.

Women's Chamber - This location is a large, upstairs room with latticework windows.

Nu shu - This process allows certain characters to communicate.

Daughter Days, Hair Pinning Days, Rice and Salt Days, Sittin - These stages define a Chinese female's life.

Taro - This food is bought at a festival.

Taipings - This group tries to reform the government.

Footbinding - Golden Lilies - Young girls underwent this painful process.

Dowry - Characters make these objects to last a lifetime.

Flower Tower - This object is created for a person who has passed on.

Temple of Gupo, Fair at Shexia - Two characters create a contract at this...

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