Snow Flower and the Secret Fan Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Lisa See
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Sitting Quietly and Milk Years

• Lily, the narrator,is an elderly widow.

• She realizes her need for love has caused every problem in her life, beginning with the breaking and binding of her feet at a young age.

• She has always done what was expected of her, except for writing thoughts and promises on her fan with Snow Flower.

• Snow Flower was the most important person in her life.

• Lily knows much about the hardships of women's lives, but little about men's.

• Lily feels as though she has waged a "man's battle" between her true nature and the person she should have been.

• Her words will be burned when she dies to be taken into the afterlife.

• Lily acknowledges her mother's teachings and also her sharp criticism.
• Lily was a child in Puwei during Emperor Daoguang's reign.

• She descends from the Yao clans.

• Her father is a farmer...

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