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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Lizabeth say Matt enjoys violence?

2. What does Matt say he doesn't want his son to have?

3. Why does Matt say he can't go home when he finds Lizabeth in the office?

4. What time do Matt and Lizabeth go jogging?

5. Who does Matt say tackled him when he ran out of the house naked?

Short Essay Questions

1. Elsie and the boys are shocked by the condition of the kitchen when they arrive home. What do they see, and what is Matt's explanation for its state?

2. When Lizabeth and Matt finally get home from their jog at 2 a.m., they find Elsie and the boys in the front yard. Describe their time with Paul. What was the end result?

3. What agreement is struck between Matt and Lizabeth after their jog, and why do you think Matt's purpose is in entering into that agreement?

4. At the barbecue, Ferguson steals the ham and runs off. Describe what happens next.

5. What are the preconceptions Lizabeth has about Matt as a role model for her children that give her pause? Why do you think she is so concerned with those preconceptions?

6. Lizabeth comes to terms with the fact that she was wrong about Matt and his profession. What is this revelation, and how does it change her opinion about him?

7. What happens while Matt is cooking breakfast in Chapter 8?

8. Lizabeth decides to question Matt point blank about what he would do in certain parental situations. What does she ask him, and how does he respond?

9. There is an obvious use of irony in Chapter 9 when Richard Hastings makes a particular statement. What is that statement, and why is it ironic?

10. What does Lizabeth tell her neighbors to explain why she has a naked man in her house?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the setting of "Smitten"? Does this setting seem important to the storyline and mood, or do you think the story would be similar no matter where it was set? Why?

Essay Topic 2

What is the overriding theme of the novel? How is this shown in the dialogue among the characters? How do the characters' interactions support this theme?

Essay Topic 3

Which character serves as the antagonist for this novel? What about that person makes him/her the antagonist? Is there more than one antagonist? If so, who? Which antagonist is more important to the story line and why? Or are they equally important? If so, why?

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