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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lizabeth tells Matt that something is wrong with the bed. What is it?
(a) It is too big for one person.
(b) She doesn't like the headboard.
(c) The mattress is too hard.
(d) It is too high.

2. What awakens Lizabeth the morning after her argument with Matt?
(a) Birds outside her window.
(b) The alarm.
(c) The dog jumping in bed with her.
(d) The smell of breakfast cooking.

3. What did Matt do when he graduated from high school?
(a) Worked in a coal mine.
(b) Joined the Navy.
(c) Got a job in a restaurant.
(d) Went to college.

4. What does Matt break in Chapter 8?
(a) A promise.
(b) His finger.
(c) Jason's bed.
(d) A lamp.

5. What is the last thing that happens to Paul before he sends the boys home?
(a) He stubs his toe on a parking block.
(b) He smashes his finger in a car door.
(c) He loses his bid for election.
(d) He bangs his nose into a door.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Matt's father do for a living?

2. What is waiting at Lizabeth's house when she and Matt return from their run?

3. What is Officer Schmidt's nickname for Elsie?

4. What do the furniture people do with Lizabeth's double bed?

5. What does Lizabeth intend to do with the dog once he returns home?

Short Essay Questions

1. Matt buys a new bed for Lizabeth, inciting another angry outburst from her. What does the new bed represent to Lizabeth?

2. What was Paul's ulterior motive for wanting to take the kids on a vacation?

3. How does the flasher make up for his actions after losing his temper at being ignored by Matt and Lizabeth? Describe his appearance when he makes arrangements.

4. Choose one of the several family relationships described in the novel and outline its importance to the story.

5. What does Lizabeth tell her neighbors to explain why she has a naked man in her house?

6. Matt's strained relationship with his father is a source of aggravation for him. Though he doesn't tell Lizabeth the entire story, what happens in Chapter 7 to further bolster that explanation?

7. What agreement is struck between Matt and Lizabeth after their jog, and why do you think Matt's purpose is in entering into that agreement?

8. Lizabeth makes the decision to cut Matt out of her life, no matter how painful the excision will be. What is her reasoning for feeling that she must do this?

9. What makes "Smitten" a typical romance novel?

10. In fairly typical romance-novel fashion, the story wraps up with Matt and Lizabeth marrying and living happily ever after. Given the short time they've known each other and the tumultuous relationship they have had up to that point, how believable do you find the story? If you find it quite believable, why? What is it about the genre that makes it so popular, and how does that apply to this book?

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