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Chapters 1 and 2

• The reader is introduced to the protagonist, Lizabeth Kane, and her love interest, Matt Hallahan.

• Their introduction comes when Lizabeth applies for a job as a laborer on Matt's construction project.

• Though they both know that she isn't qualified, Matt gives her the benefit of the doubt and hires her.

• Both suddenly realize that they are intensely attracted to each other.
• Lizabeth has two children, Jason and Billy, whom she leaves in the care of her elderly, eccentric Aunt Elsie.

• Matt gives Lizabeth a menial job, but it takes her all day to complete it, and she makes a huge mess.

• The electricity between Lizabeth and Matt draws them together in a kiss.

• They then discuss Lizabeth's ex-husband, Paul, and his many shortcomings.
• Lizabeth brings Matt home to check out her ramshackle dream house.

• Jason and Billy talk Matt into playing baseball with them.

• Matt breaks...

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