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This is where Morris Zapp takes Persse on a tour of the infamous red light district.


This is the modern capital of Turkey.

The British Council

This group is responsible for organizing and expediting overseas cultural events including lectures and concerts.

Darlington College

This is where ELIZA is installed.


This is where Philip Swallow had his first overseas lecture tour.

Heathrow Airport

This is the home of St. George Chapel.


This meeting place for Persse and Miss Maiden is also a stepping stone in Persse's quest to find Angelica.


This is the ancient capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.

Jerusalem Conference on The Future of Criticism

Co-organized by Morris Zapp as the climax of the summer conference-hopping season, it is structured to allow participants to spend as much time as possible away from lectures.

Limerick University College

This is the small agricultural...

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