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Lesson 1 (from Part 1, Chapter 1)


"Small World" begins with a page of quotations and a short prologue, which are usually used to set a tone for what follows. In this lesson, students will examine the way Lodge prefaces his novel as a way of interpreting the tone that Lodge sets from the very beginning.


1. Pass out copies of the opening quotations and prologue for "Small World." First, read the quotations aloud (or have students read them aloud). For discussion: What do these quotations have in common? Do you see any connection with the title? If so, what? What might the author be trying to say to you before you read the rest of the book? Why?

2. Ask students what they think the purpose of a prologue/opening quotations are. Write the students' answers as bullets on the board or overhead. When the answers slow down, use this information and, perhaps...

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