Small World Character Descriptions

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Persse McGarrigle

The surname of this young professor from Limerick means "Son of Super-valor" in Irish.

Angelica Pabst

For much of the novel, it appears this character is not only a conference-goer but also an exotic dancer.

Dr. Philip Swallow

This character is the department head at Rummidge College and organizer of the UTE annual conference that opens the novel.

Morris Zapp

This character is a divorced American professor from Euphoria State College in California, whose goal is to be the highest-paid professor of English in the world.

Akbil Borak

This specialist in the Elizabethan sonnet at the University of Ankara in Turkey studied in England.

Robert (Bob) Busby

This character is one of the chief organizers of the UTE conference at Rummidge College.

Dysirye Byrd

This character is the rich, best-selling author of "Difficult Days," currently in residence in a Helicon, NH, writers' colony, trying to overcome...

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