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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does St. Ungulant take for sustenance?
(a) Vitamins.
(b) Vegetables.
(c) Hallucinogens.
(d) A variety of meats.

2. Why is Dadactylos pleased?
(a) They found Brutha.
(b) They are back in Ephebe.
(c) He, too, believes in predestination.
(d) He learns that the Turtle Society has redistributed his work by the thousands.

3. How does Brutha help Vorbis at the end of the book?
(a) He doesn't.
(b) He suggests that Vorbis worship Om.
(c) He walks with Vorbis into the desert.
(d) He gives him water in the desert.

4. What does Simony want to do as the army approaches?
(a) Run.
(b) Peacefully confront them.
(c) Fight.
(d) Hide.

5. What does Om tell Brutha to do when the weather hits?
(a) Hoist more sails.
(b) Hide under a table.
(c) Jump from the ship.
(d) Protect the cargo.

Short Answer Questions

1. What suspicions does Om share with Brutha?

2. Where does Brutha wake up after the library fire?

3. What does Brutha follow toward Omnia?

4. What does Vorbis do to Brutha near Omnia?

5. Where does Brutha wake up after the weather?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Om realize as he fends off the horde of small gods in the cave?

2. Where does Brutha end up, and how does he react when he realizes Vorbis is with him (albeit unconscious)?

3. Why did Didactylos set the library on fire?

4. How does a turtle save Om's life?

5. How does Brutha portray his generous nature right to the end of the book?

6. What kind of books did Didactylos highlight in the library, and how did he view them?

7. How does Brutha confront Vorbis, and what is the repercussion for his actions?

8. What important role does Luz-Tze play in this book?

9. What does Vorbis think happened to Brutha and how does he respond to his thoughts on Brutha's whereabouts?

10. What happens to the Omnian ship?

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