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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who set the fire in the library?
(a) Didactylos.
(b) Simony.
(c) Urn.
(d) Brutha.

2. What happened to the engine on Urn's boat?
(a) It exploded when it was hit by lightning.
(b) He fixed it.
(c) It was polished and greased.
(d) It was encrusted with salt and barnacles.

3. What does Brutha find on the ground?
(a) Shells.
(b) Bones.
(c) Water droplets.
(d) Drops of blood.

4. What attracts people from across Discworld to Omnia?
(a) Its magnificent temples.
(b) Its governmental innerworkings.
(c) Its god.
(d) Its library.

5. What have soldiers done in the desert?
(a) Done weapons testing.
(b) Stashed water.
(c) Died.
(d) Gotten lost.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Cori Celsti?

2. How long had Brutha been unconscious before waking in the Citadel?

3. Where do Brutha, Om, and Vorbis take shelter?

4. How is Om spared from Vorbis?

5. Why is the sergeant frustrated by Didactylos' speech?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Om plan to keep the lion from attacking Brutha? What does the boy think of this idea?

2. What does Vorbis think happened to Brutha and how does he respond to his thoughts on Brutha's whereabouts?

3. What happens to Vorbis during his ordainment ceremony, and what was Brutha's role in the situation?

4. What does Simony announce that he believes in, and how does Didactylos react to this statement?

5. How does Om help the warriors on the ground?

6. How does Brutha confront Vorbis, and what is the repercussion for his actions?

7. How does a turtle save Om's life?

8. Where does Brutha end up, and how does he react when he realizes Vorbis is with him (albeit unconscious)?

9. What has Vorbis been like as they travel through the desert , and how does he change?

10. What does Om realize as he fends off the horde of small gods in the cave?

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