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Lesson 1 (from Pages 1-32)


Terry Pratchett has a great gift for writing stories that appeal to a wide audience. The objective of this lesson is to learn more about the author so the reader can fully appreciate the novel as it is written.


1. Do some small group research on the author, Terry Pratchett. Why did he begin writing, and how did this series come about? Where is he now?

2. Watch a video interview in which Terry Pratchett discusses his writing. What other authors have a similar writing style? Why does his work appeal to so many?

3. Write a one-page biography about Terry Pratchett summarizing his life and his writing.

Homework - Choose one of your favorite favorite phrases or descriptions from any of Terry Pratchett's novels. Write it down and in writing explain why you like it so much. Be prepared to share this with the class.

Lesson 2 (from Pages 1-32)


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