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Essay Topic 1

The story is told from Scott’s point of view. How does the point of view that the author uses affect the story and what can be told?

Essay Topic 2

Scott is overwhelmed with homework and extra-curricular activities at the beginning of his freshman year. How does Scott get overwhelmed? How does he learn to balance work and extracurricular activities? What does he learn from figuring out how to achieve balance in his life?

Essay Topic 3

Mr. Franka introduces Scott’s English class to a variety of literary devices. How are those devices introduced? How are they used in the novel? How do they affect the story?

Essay Topic 4

Some of the characters in the novel are stereotypes. What characters are stereotypes? How does using stereotypes affect the plot?

Essay Topic 5

Scott sometimes wonders if he is adopted because he is so different from his father...

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