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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the Fortune Teller looks over the water at the Antrobus' and their ship, she says what?
(a) Think it over! New laws to abide by.
(b) Think it over! A new world to make!
(c) Think it over! Survival of the best!
(d) Think it over! Good over evil!

2. Why does Mrs. Antrobus hand Gladys over to her father and then leave again?
(a) To say goodbye to her family.
(b) To pack their things.
(c) To look for Henry.
(d) To find food.

3. How do Mrs. Antrobus and Gladys appear on the stage in the beginning of Act 3?
(a) From a trapdoor in the floor.
(b) Walking onto the stage from backstage.
(c) Walking onto the stage from the audience.
(d) Descending from above.

4. As Act 3 begins, where is it set?
(a) In the ruins of the convention.
(b) In a meadow.
(c) In the ruins of the Antrobus' home.
(d) On a hilltop.

5. As Henry goes out in Act 3, Part 2, who does he apologize to?
(a) Gladys.
(b) Mr. Antrobus.
(c) Sabina.
(d) Mrs. Antrobus.

6. Henry does not want to live the _____, quiet life that he thinks Mr. Antrobus wants him to live.
(a) Polite.
(b) Thoughtful.
(c) Serious.
(d) Peaceful.

7. What union does the stagehand threaten to report Sabina to if she doesn't play the scene properly?
(a) Actors' Union.
(b) Stageworkers' Union.
(c) Entertainment Union.
(d) Employment Union.

8. The stage directions for Act 3, Part 2 describe Henry as being a representation of what?
(a) Unreconciled idiotic evil.
(b) Spiteful evil.
(c) Strong spiteful evil.
(d) Strong unreconciled evil.

9. How does Henry describe his childhood?
(a) Strange and weird.
(b) Awful and deprived.
(c) Fabulous and filled with love.
(d) Happy and demanding.

10. Who says that Henry's story in Act 3 is not true?
(a) Gladys.
(b) Mr. Antrobus.
(c) Mrs. Antrobus.
(d) Sabina.

11. What does Henry say filled the emptiness inside him?
(a) The desire to hate.
(b) The desire to destroy.
(c) The desire to kill.
(d) The desire to love.

12. Who embodies the human capacity for compassion?
(a) Gladys.
(b) Mr. Antrobus.
(c) Sabina.
(d) Henry.

13. Henry vows to be free even if he has to do what?
(a) Kill everyone to do it.
(b) Leave everyone to do it.
(c) Die to do it.
(d) Disappear to do it.

14. While Henry is sleeping and shouting, what does Mr. Antrobus take out?
(a) A lance.
(b) A gun.
(c) A syringe.
(d) A knife.

15. Fitzpatrick appears and says that several actors have been taken ill with what?
(a) The swine flu.
(b) The flu.
(c) Food poisoning.
(d) Chicken pox.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mrs. Antrobus say men will learn if they find out the truth of what a woman is?

2. Who urges Sabina to seduce Mr. Antrobus?

3. Henry promises to go away where he can be what?

4. Sabina shouts that Mr. Antrobus is still inventing what?

5. What does Sabina do when Mr. Antrobus begins to organize animals on the ship?

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