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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From what building does the sound of bingo numbers being called emerge?
(a) A casino.
(b) A bingo hall.
(c) A sports bar.
(d) A church building.

2. The story of Mr. Antrobus leading a handful to survive in the face of the rain's destruction alludes to what story in the Bible?
(a) Sodom and Gomorrah.
(b) Adam and Eve.
(c) Cain and Abel.
(d) Noah's Ark.

3. What kinds of fortunes does the Fortune Teller shout, apparently at random?
(a) Sad fortunes.
(b) Happy fortunes.
(c) Gloomy fortunes.
(d) Prosperous fortunes.

4. How many old women are among the crowd of refugees at the Antrobus'?
(a) Twelve.
(b) Nine.
(c) Eleven.
(d) Ten.

5. Homer shares his name with a poet from what time period?
(a) Ancient America.
(b) Ancient China.
(c) Ancient Greece.
(d) Ancient Egypt.

6. The Telegraph Boy sings a song celebrating what?
(a) The Antrobus' anniversary.
(b) Mrs. Antrobus' birthday.
(c) Sabina's birthday.
(d) The anniversary of their son's death.

7. Sabina asks the Fortune Teller if whom has come?
(a) Gladys.
(b) Mrs. Antrobus.
(c) Mr. Antrobus.
(d) Henry.

8. Who asked the refugees to come to the Antrobus' house?
(a) Mr. Antrobus.
(b) Sabina.
(c) Henry.
(d) Mrs. Antrobus.

9. While Homer sings a ballad, Moses recited from the Bible in what language?
(a) Ancient Hebrew.
(b) Ancient Arameic.
(c) Ancient Latin.
(d) Ancient Greek.

10. Mrs. Antrobus lists, among her discoveries, that what is edible?
(a) The tomato.
(b) The potato.
(c) The lima bean.
(d) The onion.

11. When Sabina steps out of her character, she says that she _______ the play.
(a) Resents.
(b) Hates.
(c) Detests.
(d) Loves.

12. What is one of the most notable inventions of Mrs. Antrobus?
(a) Ice cream.
(b) Twinkies.
(c) Fried food.
(d) Salads.

13. Who does Mrs. Antrobus send to fetch Mr. Antrobus' slippers after he orders the fires put out?
(a) Tannya.
(b) Gladys.
(c) Summer.
(d) Fuscia.

14. What does Mr. Antrobus tell Mrs. Antrobus to do to save them from the cold?
(a) Invent something that warms everyone.
(b) Discover electric fire.
(c) Build a bigger fire.
(d) Burn everything in the house.

15. Sabina retracts her resignation because she loves the ________ of life with the Antrobuses.
(a) Chaos.
(b) Unpredictability.
(c) Stability.
(d) Serenity.

Short Answer Questions

1. A society proclaiming the end of the world postponed it because they saw what?

2. Sabina won a beauty contest judged by whom?

3. Gladys does not want her mom to go get things because she is what?

4. When Sabina and Mrs. Antrobus argue at the beginning of the play, what sticks its head through the window and complains about the cold?

5. Where is Act 2, Part 1 set?

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