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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Mrs. Antrobus allow Gladys to keep her stockings?
(a) Because Henry likes the color.
(b) Because she likes the color.
(c) Because Sabina likes the color.
(d) Because Mr. Antrobus likes the color.

2. What union does the stagehand threaten to report Sabina to if she doesn't play the scene properly?
(a) Employment Union.
(b) Stageworkers' Union.
(c) Actors' Union.
(d) Entertainment Union.

3. What kinds of fortunes does the Fortune Teller shout, apparently at random?
(a) Sad fortunes.
(b) Gloomy fortunes.
(c) Prosperous fortunes.
(d) Happy fortunes.

4. When Gladys returns with Mr. Antrobus' slippers, she begs him to do what?
(a) Sing to her just once.
(b) Teach her something just once.
(c) Look at her just once.
(d) Praise her just once.

5. When the Fortune Teller looks over the water at the Antrobus' and their ship, she says what?
(a) Think it over! Survival of the best!
(b) Think it over! Good over evil!
(c) Think it over! New laws to abide by.
(d) Think it over! A new world to make!

Short Answer Questions

1. Who slips past the barricade and comes into the house and becomes comfortable?

2. Where is Act 2, Part 1 set?

3. Before Mr. Antrobus starts his broadcast he comments on what?

4. What is one of the most notable inventions of Mrs. Antrobus?

5. What does Mrs. Antrobus do when she sees the man who spread the story about Mr. Antrobus wanting to be a fish?

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