The Skin of Our Teeth Character Descriptions

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Announcer - This character narrates the slides and describes the News Events of the World at the beginning of Act I and Act n.

George Antrobus - This character is the father of not only a typical suburban American family, but also the entire human race.

Gladys Antrobus - This character is constantly admonished to act like a lady, put down her dress, and not wear makeup or red stockings.

Henry Antrobus - This character is introduced as a real, clean-cut American who killed a brother in an unfortunate accident.

Maggie Antrobus - This character uncomplainingly endures nature's disasters, a spouse's infidelities, and children's disobedience, always facing each new crisis with energy and determination to survive.

Fred Bailey - This character is the Captain of the Ushers.

Broadcast Official - In Act II this character is trying, in the midst of chaotic activity, to get another...

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