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Act 1, Part 1

• The play begins with an announcement over the loudspeaker.

• The announcement says that a society proclaiming the end of the world postpones the arrival of that event for another 24 hours because they saw the sun rise.

• The announcement also says it is August and a wall of ice is moving into America.

• A wedding ring was found, inscribed with "From Eva to Adam" and a verse from the Bible.

• A slide show begins showing Mr. Antrobus, the inventor of the wheel, his home in New Jersey, and Mrs. Antrobus, inventor of the apron.

• Their children, Henry and Gladys and their maid, Sabina, are also introduced.

• Sabina appears, speaking a long and comic monologue about each family member and their good and bad qualities.

• When Sabina speaks about Henry, she implies that he hit his older brother with a rock and was investigated by the police.

• As...

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