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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Seventh Veil (pgs. 308-337).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Painted Stick abandoned?
(a) In the forest.
(b) On a rooftop.
(c) In a basement.
(d) In a cave.

2. Who does Painted Stick strike?
(a) Buddy.
(b) Ellen Cherry.
(c) Spike.
(d) Turn Around Norman.

3. How does Spoon end up with Ellen Cherry?
(a) Ellen Cherry picks Spoon up lying in front of the Cathedral.
(b) Spoon jumps into a paper bag Ellen Cherry is carrying.
(c) Ellen Cherry sees spoon trying to jump in Turn Around Norman's case.
(d) Spoon gets mixed up with the silverware at the I & I.

4. What information does Boomer give to Ellen Cherry in his letter?
(a) Buddy is delaying his plans until January.
(b) He wants a divorce.
(c) Buddy has a cult following in Israel.
(d) Buddy is in league with the Israeli police force.

5. Why does Turn Around Norman stop performing?
(a) Buddy and other preachers are taking up the space.
(b) He is sick.
(c) Ellen Cherry's disappearance disturbs him.
(d) He, like Ellen Cherry, gives up art.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who destroys the temple?

2. Boomer sells one of his sculptures on the condition that he has to go where to assemble it?

3. What happens to Spike Cohen?

4. Why does Can 'o Beans want to be left behind on the way to New York?

5. What is Boomer's sculpture in the Fifth Veil constructed out of?

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