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Colonial Pines, Virginia - This is the fictional, conservative, Bible-Belt hometown of Ellen Cherry Charles. It has no downtown, and to Ellen Cherry, no cultural or artistic value.

The Ansonia Hotel - This is the New York City location where Ellen Cherry and Boomer first move. They live there through an artist friend of Ellen's from Seattle.

Ishmael and Isaac's - This is the restaurant opened by Spike Cohen and Roland Abu Hadee.

St. Patrick's Cathedral - This is the place where the five inanimate objects hide in the basement.

Ellen Cherry's Hair - This object is described as an unruly mob of caramel curls and is referred to repeatedly in the novel.

Abu's Red Nose - This object turns red after years of dish washing and being exposed to hot steam.

Buddy Winkler's Pustules - This object is ugly, red, and psychologically damaging.

The Big-Screen TV...

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