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Lesson 1 (from The First Veil (pgs. 1-22))


The First Veil (pages 1-22).

Ellen Cherry, Boomer, and Buddy, three of the main characters, are introduced in this section. This lesson focuses on characterization.


1) Class Activity: As a class, have students create a list of characteristics and actions that we know about each of these character from this section. List things that the narrator explicitly tells the reader about a character's personality or things that they do. Be sure to distinguish between things that the narrator tells us and things that we are told one character says or feels about another. You may want to make a separate sections for things that characters say or think about each other. Students should refer to their books to generate this list.

2) Group Work: Ask students to partner up with their neighbor and, using the list on the board, to come up with three words for each...

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