Skinny Legs and All Character Descriptions

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Ellen Cherry Charles

This character runs away to Seattle and waits tables in order to finish art college, until an old high school sweetheart shows up in an RV that looks like a giant turkey and they get married.

Conch Shell and Painted Stick

These characters are recently awoken from a trance by a follower of Astarte and travel to Jerusalem to be present for the second coming.

Silver Spoon

This character, who is purchased at a Catholic garage sale, is kind-hearted and deeply religious.

Dirty Sock

This character, who is good-natured and a bit crude, is attacked by a porcupine on the way to New York and rescued after floating down a creek.

Can o' Beans

This character is an atheist and an intellectual who is eventually left in front of a strange sculpture of a hermaphroditic donkey.

Roland Abu Hadee

The child of of a rich...

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