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The First Veil (pgs. 1-22)

• Newlyweds, Ellen Cherry Charles and Boomer Petway, are driving across the country in a big turkey.

• Ellen Cherry is surprised to hear her uncle, Buddy, preaching on the radio.

• Ellen Cherry reflects on a childhood game she plays in which she looks at the landscape going by her car in an unfocused way that reveals things she doesn't otherwise see.

• Boomer is described as a regular guy who enjoys partying.

• The narrator describes how Ellen Cherry's father and uncle storm into an art class one day and drag her out of art school calling her "Jezebel".

The First Veil (pgs. 22-48)

• After recovering at home, Ellen Cherry borrows $500 from Boomer and runs away to Seattle, where she works as a waitress and finishes art school.

• We are told that Boomer builds the turkey out of an airstream his father leaves to him and...

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