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Key Biscayne

This place is the main setting in "Skin Tight", featuring tidal flats and channels.

Old Cape Florida Light House

This is where a corpse is found in the first chapter.

Stilt House, Stiltsville

This is where Mick lives.


This is the place where Rudy Graveline breaks several laws.

Metro Dade Police Department

This is where some detectives decide to pursue Mick as a criminal instead of Chemo.

Old Rhodes Key

This is where Mick hides from the detectives who are after him.

Rudy Graveline's Home

This is an ostentatious marble stuccoed house on Miami Beach.

Maggie Gonzalez's Apartment

This is where Mick discovers Reynaldo's influence in Maggie's life.

Hotel Plaza, New York

This is where Maggie stays after she has plastic surgery.

Gay Bidet Nightclub

This is where Chemo works.

Marlin Fish Trophy

This is what Mick kills Tony with.

Liza the Barracuda

This is...

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