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Mika Waltari
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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Nefernefernefer ask for the first time she meets Sinuhe?

2. When Sinuhe finds his old friend Thothmes, what is he doing for a living?

3. What fate awaits Minea in her homeland?

4. Other than Ptahor, whom does Sinuhe's father ask to dinner?

5. What kind of houses do the people of Babylon live in?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Sinuhe enters the House of Life to study, what advise does he take to heart? How does this decision affect his relationships with his classmates and teachers? Is it the right way to behave or did this hurt him in the long run?

2. What is Ptahor's job? Is this a cure for any disease or is this a quick way to die? Why do you think Ptahor is called to the pharaoh?

3. When Sinuhe opens a skull and finds that the "disease had laid its egg" what does he mean by that? What is the egg inside the man's head? What does Sinuhe do with it? How does he repair the opening? What is significant about the fact that the man falls from a wall three days later and breaks his neck and dies? What is that supposed to symbolize?

4. Why does Sinuhe continue to give Nefernefernefer all he possesses? Why can he not pull himself away from her? What is her appeal to Sinuhe? What is his behavior a metaphor for?

5. How does Sinuhe defend the young prince to Horemheb? What does Sinuhe think of the young prince's beliefs? Do you think he is affected in this way because of his experiences in the House of Life? Why? Why not?

6. When Sinuhe says that a man who knows the Babylonian language can be understood throughout the world, what does this say about Babylon? If Egypt is the most powerful land on earth, then why would the Egyptian language be the most important language? What does this say about politics of the time?

7. What does Minea bring to Sinuhe? What does she restore in his life? Why is she an important character to his life and to his healing?

8. What does the Keeper of the Archives In Hatti tell Sinuhe about the King? What is he warning Sinuhe about? What will happen in the future for the lands around Hatti?

9. What are the two truths of the young prince and Horemheb? How are they in conflict from the beginning? How does Horemheb argue with the sickly young prince about his truth when he first meets him? What does Horemheb fear of the future?

10. When Sinuhe and Kaptah arrive in Babylon, Kaptah wants Sinuhe to announce his presence to the other physicians in a certain way. How does he want Sinuhe to announce that he is in Babylonia? Why? Why is this important to their relationships with others? Is this political correctness for the time? Why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How and why does Nefernefernefer warn Sinuhe of her future actions? What does it say about Nefernefernefer's character that she warns Sinuhe and what metaphors does she use? Give a description of her warnings and decide what Sinuhe should learn from her words.

Essay Topic 2

The idea of the Hittites is "Right is what we desire and wrong is what our neighbors desire." How does this philosophy outline their ideas about war?

Essay Topic 3

Sinuhe talks with Thothmes about asking the question "why?" What is Sinuhe discovering about being inquisitive in the House of Life? Why is asking "why?" so threatening to the others he is studying with? What answer does Thothmes give him? Do you think Thothmes is correct in his answer?

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