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Mika Waltari
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Short Answer Questions

1. What gift does Nefernefernefer give to Sinuhe when they first meet?

2. What does Sinuhe do with the gift from Nefernefernefer?

3. Who rules after Pharaoh Amenhotep III's death?

4. How is life different for a physician in Syria compared to Egypt?

5. After Sinuhe gives everything over to Neferrneferrnefer, what does he learn when he returns home?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Horemheb want Sinuhe to be his spy? What does Sinuhe have to offer that others cannot? What does Sinuhe have to gain from this experience? Will this affect Sinuhe's life if and when he returns to Egypt? Why? Why not?

2. Why do Kipa and Senmut tell their neighbors that Kipa gave birth to Sinuhe? Why does Senmut register Sinuhe in the book of births? What will this do for Sinuhe later in life? What difference will this make in his life?

3. What is important about being able to read more than one Egyptian character at a time? How does this make the reader different in the eyes of others?

4. When Minea, Kaptah and Sinuhe are traveling pretending to be performers, Sinuhe continues to cure the sick. Why does he do this? Cannot this lead to discovery of who they are? Is this dangerous? Why would he do this and put all their lives in danger?

5. Sinuhe meets a man in the City of Dead when he buries his parents. What is this man's story a moral for in the story? What lesson does this impart to Sinuhe or to the reader? What message is the author trying to tell?

6. When Sinuhe opens a skull and finds that the "disease had laid its egg" what does he mean by that? What is the egg inside the man's head? What does Sinuhe do with it? How does he repair the opening? What is significant about the fact that the man falls from a wall three days later and breaks his neck and dies? What is that supposed to symbolize?

7. Why does Senmut take Sinuhe to meet Inteb, the warrior? What lesson does Senmut want Sinuhe to leave with?

8. Explain the process that Sinuhe is taught in school about life after death. Who is Osiris? Who is the Devourer? What does the Devourer look like? Who is the Backward-Gazer? Why is this important knowledge for the average Egyptian?

9. In Babylon, the astrologers know the heavenly bodies. What does this tell us about the people of Babylon? Is this advanced science for the time? Why? Why not? How will this knowledge affect the gods that they worship?

10. When Sinuhe and Kaptah arrive in Babylon, Kaptah wants Sinuhe to announce his presence to the other physicians in a certain way. How does he want Sinuhe to announce that he is in Babylonia? Why? Why is this important to their relationships with others? Is this political correctness for the time? Why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Often in the novel a swallow or bird flies around in and out of scenes. What do you think this is a symbol of? Note when this happens in the novel and see if there is a pattern?

Essay Topic 2

Once Sinuhe discovers his origin, what happens to his personality? How does he view the royal family and those who fight over the crown? Do you think this attitude affects how he is unable to see that Thoth is his very own child?

Essay Topic 3

Why does Pharaoh Akhnaton's idea for teaching all children to read and write fail? What is wrong with the plan? How could it be successful? What about the new script; is this something that should be continued? Why? Why not?

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