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Mika Waltari
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Sinuhe and Kaptah return to Smyrna after they return from Crete, how do their neighbors react?
(a) They are happy to return as patients.
(b) They are not pleased to see the Egyptians.
(c) They bring food for the Egyptians.
(d) They are happy to see the Egyptians.

2. What have the Hittites done with the jars sold to them by the merchants of Egypt?
(a) They have brought water into the desert so they can survive there for quite a while.
(b) They hang them in the sun in honor of Aton.
(c) The use them as weapons, cutting people with them.
(d) They are preserving fish in salt and water.

3. Why, at first, is is said that the people in the Lower Kingdom are requesting jars?
(a) They are canning grain.
(b) They use them as drinking vessels.
(c) They have discovered a way of preserving fish in salt and water.
(d) They are hanging them in the sunlight as a new decoration to honor Aton.

4. What does Kaptah use to find his way back to the opening of the cave?
(a) A spool of thread.
(b) He draws on the wall of the cave.
(c) He drops rocks.
(d) A string.

5. What has Kaptah always wanted to do with his life?
(a) Be a servant.
(b) Be an innkeeper.
(c) Be a warrior.
(d) Be a merchant.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sinuhe find odd about the city of Crete?

2. What does Sinuhe think when the Hittites come to visit Ahknetaton?

3. How does Sinuhe get his revenge with Nefernefernefer?

4. What gift does Horemheb give to Roju?

5. When told of neighboring countries preparing for war against Egypt, what does the Pharaoh Akenaton say he has given to the other kings that will make them happy?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who forms an odd alliance to overthrow Pharaoh Akhnaton? Why is this an odd alliance?

2. Upon meeting again with Horemheb, Sinuhe argues in defense of Pharaoh Akhnaton's beliefs. Do you think the loss of Minea affects the basic belief system of Sinuhe? How do you think he views religion now? Remember his experience in the House of Life as a student and then look at his experience with Minea and the bull? What do you think his beliefs are now?

3. What is the genius behind Kaptah's investments made for Sinuhe?

4. Why does Sinuhe tell Horemheb that Princess Baketaton asked after him at her mother's deathbed when she did not seem really taken with Horemheb? Do you think Sinuhe believes that there is an attraction there? Or is he flattering Horemheb to get what he wants?

5. During the battle with the Hittites in the holy war, why do the Hittites not turn and run when they are losing?

6. When Sinuhe begins to practice again in Thebes, he finds he is making no money, but is happy. Why is this? What has changed in his attitude? Who does he want to become in his life?

7. What is the art like on the island of Crete? How does this reflect the way the people of Crete live?

8. Upon returning to Egypt, what does Sinuhe find in the new artwork displayed in the city? Why is it so shocking? What has changed? Why is this significant to the story? Who does this threaten?

9. How does Horemheb react when he discovers that the priests are using human sacrifices after the death of Akhnaton? How does Sinuhe react?

10. What other spies had Horemheb sent to Syria? How did they travel and hide themselves? Under what guise did they travel? Do you think they were able to gather more or less information than Sinuhe because he was able to travel as a doctor?

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