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Mika Waltari
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Sinuhe find held prisoner in Gaza?
(a) Muti.
(b) Kaptah.
(c) Merit.
(d) Nefertiti.

2. What does Sinuhe find odd about the city of Crete?
(a) There is a beautiful seaport.
(b) The buildings are all painted in wild colors.
(c) There are no fortifications.
(d) All the people dress poorly.

3. What do the people call the Queen Mother Taia?
(a) The mistress of Eie.
(b) The pharaoh.
(c) The silver swan.
(d) The black witch.

4. How do the women of Crete wear their hair?
(a) Cut like a boys.
(b) Flat to their heads with lots of oils.
(c) Curly and short.
(d) High on their head with small hats.

5. What does Kaptah buy with Sinuhe's money when they return to Egypt?
(a) Jewels.
(b) Slave-trading houses.
(c) A new office for his physician's practice.
(d) Buildings and businesses.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Horemheb think is the cornerstone of the holy war?

2. What does Kaptah use to find his way back to the opening of the cave?

3. What would Horemheb not allow Aziru to see before his execution?

4. When Sinuhe arrives at Gaza, how does he enter?

5. How does Sinuhe describe his life in Akhetaton?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Sinuhe tell Horemheb that Princess Baketaton asked after him at her mother's deathbed when she did not seem really taken with Horemheb? Do you think Sinuhe believes that there is an attraction there? Or is he flattering Horemheb to get what he wants?

2. Which daughter does the Pharaoh Akhnaton favor and why?

3. What story does the storyteller on the street tell that Merit and Sinuhe hear as they walk toward to Avenue of Rams?

4. When Kaptah and Sinuhe find the droppings from a large animal, what does this indicate will happen as they work through the labyrinth? What will they find?

5. Why does Sinuhe believe that if Aton falls, he does not want to live? What does he mean when he says, "it was another speaking?"

6. Merit tells Sinuhe that "falsehood may be sweeter than truth when one is much alone and past the spring of life." What does she mean by this comment? How is this related to her relationship with Sinuhe?

7. What is the art like on the island of Crete? How does this reflect the way the people of Crete live?

8. Why does Sinuhe free Kaptah when they return to Egypt? What has happened to their relationship? How do you think the loss of Minea affected Sinuhe's ideas of slavery?

9. When Sinuhe, Minea, and Kaptah arrive in Crete, what does Sinuhe notice about their idea of death?

10. How does Horemheb react when he discovers that the priests are using human sacrifices after the death of Akhnaton? How does Sinuhe react?

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