Objects & Places from Sinuhe the Egyptian: A Novel

Mika Waltari
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This is the beautiful new capitol, hurriedly built in a single year and is a monument to the Pharaoh's one god.


This is a small, economically-destitute kingdom, whose king and queen are executed in the end.


This is a god, symbolized by the ankh, who becomes the only god recognized in the pantheon of gods.


This a great and ancient empire is east of the Arabian desert, utterly flat and made fertile by the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, and is being run by a boy king.


This Mediterranean island off the coast of Hatti (modern Turkey) and Greece is home to the character who was dedicated since childhood to the god of the sea.

The Crocodile's Tail

This is a business establishment located in a cramped harbor quarter. It is known for its fiery drink served in goblets shaped like mussel shells, which...

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