Sinuhe the Egyptian: A Novel Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Mika Waltari
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Essay Topic 1

When Ptahor meets Thothmes, what does Thothmes make for Ptahor? Does it please him? What does he do with the piece of art? What does this mean to Ptahor? Why does he take the action he does?

Essay Topic 2

Sinuhe talks with Thothmes about asking the question "why?" What is Sinuhe discovering about being inquisitive in the House of Life? Why is asking "why?" so threatening to the others he is studying with? What answer does Thothmes give him? Do you think Thothmes is correct in his answer?

Essay Topic 3

How and why does Nefernefernefer warn Sinuhe of her future actions? What does it say about Nefernefernefer's character that she warns Sinuhe and what metaphors does she use? Give a description of her warnings and decide what Sinuhe should learn from her words.

Essay Topic 4

What do you think of the way Kaptah steals from Sinuhe...

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