Silence Character Descriptions

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Christovao Ferreira - He is a Portuguese missionary who, after thirty-three years in Japan, reportedly apostatized following the torture of 'the pit.'

Sebastian Rodrigues - He is a young priest who has seen little of the mission field. He does not fully understand the severity of the persecution faced by those in Japan. He still holds lofty beliefs and ideals and has yet to truly come to terms with his own views of Christianity.

Francisco Garrpe - He shows his dedication to the priesthood and Christianity in the final moments of his life. While he staunchly refuses to apostatize in order to save the lives of Japanese peasants, he drowns in an effort to save them.

Juan de Santa Marta - He is the third member of the party traveling from Portugal to Japan in search of Ferreira. However, he is unable to continue on the...

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