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• A missionary from Portugal named Christovao Ferreira has reportedly apostatized following grueling torture and is now missing in Japan.

• One of his final letters to the Church in Rome details the extreme measures that the Japanese authorities are taking against Japanese Christians.

• Three of Ferreira's students plan to enter Japan secretly in order to find the truth about Ferreira's fate: Francisco Garrpe, Juan de Santa Marta and Sebastian Rodrigues.

• The three priests are given permission, and in 1637 they prepare to depart Lisbon for India. Once in the town of Macao, the three learn that the situation in Japan has escalated and no Portuguese ships are allowed to enter Japanese harbors.

• Valignano refuses to allow the three priests to enter Japan. Since he is in control of missionaries entering the country, there seems that little can be done to salvage the expedition.

• It seems that the three young...

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