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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jack Crawford explains the key to being a good leader to Clarice. What does he say the key is?
(a) Following directions and not making trouble.
(b) Managing one's rage and frustration.
(c) Breaking the rules and following one's own path.
(d) Making deals with the devil.

2. Where is the Hostage Rescue Team going to apprehend Buffalo Bill?
(a) San Diego, CA
(b) Calumet City, IL
(c) Culver City, CA.
(d) Brooklyn, NY.

3. What happens to let Clarice know that Jame Gumb is Buffalo Bill?
(a) He has womens' skin hanging on his wall.
(b) He has a fake cast sitting on his dining room table.
(c) He tells her that he is Buffalo Bill.
(d) A Death's Head moth crawls out of his robe.

4. What is the name of Frederica Bimmel's best friend?
(a) Stacy Hubka.
(b) John Grant.
(c) Bonnie Dodger.
(d) Ardelia Mapp.

5. What does Clarice do when the moth crawls out of Jame Gumb's robe?
(a) Compliments Jame Gumb on his choice of pets.
(b) Pulls a gun.
(c) Asks for a phone.
(d) Screams for help.

6. What happens while Clarice is looking for Jame Gumb in the basement?
(a) The dog starts barking.
(b) A bunch of moths fly in her face.
(c) The lights go out.
(d) She runs into Jame Gumb.

7. Whom does Senator Martin choose to head up the investigation in Chapter 32?
(a) Paul Krendler from the Justice Department.
(b) Jack Crawford from the FBI.
(c) Another woman, Clarice Starling.
(d) The head of the Secret Service.

8. What music does Dr. Lecter request?
(a) "Goldberg Variations".
(b) "La Traviata".
(c) "Jesus Christ Superstar".
(d) "Requiem In C Minor".

9. What is Catherine Martin's mantra while she is in the pit?
(a) "Ohm, ohm, ohm."
(b) "Balls and eyes."
(c) "It's only a dream."
(d) "Mama will save me."

10. Who is John Grant?
(a) Clarice's boyfriend.
(b) Jack Crawford's father-in-law.
(c) An alias that Jame Gumb used.
(d) Jame Gumb's brother.

11. What does John Brigham hope to do for Clarice once she returns to Quantico?
(a) Take her out to dinner and a movie.
(b) Save her reputation.
(c) Enter her in an interservice shooting match.
(d) Help her get over her depression.

12. What was the name of Frederica's employer?
(a) Ms. Carlton.
(b) Mr. Dordaste.
(c) Mrs. Lippman.
(d) Mrs. Burroughs.

13. In Chapter 41, how does Catherine Martin try to get Jame Gumb to let her out of the pit?
(a) By saying she will be his girlfriend.
(b) By making a sexual proposition while she is naked.
(c) By threatening him with her mother's powerful connections.
(d) By offering to marry him.

14. What does Jame Gumb always do before "harvesting a hide"?
(a) He feeds his moths.
(b) He watches a tape of his mother.
(c) He dresses the poodle in its cutest outfit.
(d) He eats a dinner of baked beans and macaroni and cheese.

15. Jack Crawford is how far away from mandatory retirement?
(a) Two years.
(b) Nineteen months.
(c) Six months.
(d) A decade.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 48, Clarice figures out the Buffalo Bill lives where?

2. Of what did Senator Martin accuse Clarice?

3. In which state did Frederica Bimmel live?

4. Jame Gumb tells Clarice that Mrs. Lippman is where?

5. Dr. Lecter tells Senator Martin that she shouldn't trust Jack Crawford for what reason?

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