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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The victims are discovered in which state?
(a) Wyoming.
(b) Illinois.
(c) Five different states.
(d) Kentucky.

2. Who is Dr. Danielson?
(a) The county coroner.
(b) The emergency room doctor who treated Buffalo Bill's first victim.
(c) Director of the psychiatric clinic where Dr. Lecter will be moved.
(d) Head of the Gender Identity Clinic at Johns Hopkins.

3. What is notable about the vacation spot that Senator Martin offers to Dr. Lecter in return for information to aid in the return of her daughter?
(a) It is in Miami Beach.
(b) It is the location for a famous archaeological dig.
(c) It is the Animal Disease Center for Federal hoof and mouth disease research.
(d) It is in the British West Indies.

4. Who keeps Clarice from getting more information from Dr. Lecter?
(a) Dr. Chilton's secretary.
(b) Miggs.
(c) Dr. Chilton.
(d) Barney.

5. What does Dr. Lecter draw upon to entertain himself while his cell is being cleaned?
(a) The wall outside of his cell.
(b) His quirky sense of humor.
(c) His memory and intellect.
(d) A blank piece of paper.

6. What happened to Benjamin Raspail's car?
(a) It was smashed into a cube.
(b) It was sold three times and finally tracked to the latest owner.
(c) It was parked in an impound lot and forgotten.
(d) It was sold to a reckless teenager who wrecked it.

7. What does the Senator offer to Jack Crawford to entice him into taking her daughter's case?
(a) The opportunity to get his name in the paper.
(b) A substantial raise with enticing benefits.
(c) A job advancement.
(d) The use of a Lear jet so he can fly home each night to be with his ailing wife.

8. In psychoanalytic terms, what is an imago?
(a) A vague image of the past, made clearer through hypnosis.
(b) An unclear or cloudy image causing a person to think he/she is hallucinating.
(c) Dr. Lecter's euphemism for an idiot.
(d) The image of one's parent, buried in the unconscious mind of an infant.

9. Dr. Danielson agrees to discuss patient files from the Gender Identity Clinic with whom?
(a) Jerry Burroughs.
(b) Dr. Bloom.
(c) Jack Crawford.
(d) Clarice.

10. Why doesn't Dr. Lecter think that Buffalo Bill is a sadist?
(a) Because Buffalo Bill is skinning his victims for a purpose, not for fun.
(b) Because of Buffalo Bill's sad childhood.
(c) Because Buffalo Bill cares about his victims.
(d) Because a sadist isn't a killer.

11. What is the name of the man in the Packard?
(a) Benjamin Raspail.
(b) Klaus.
(c) Jack Crawford.
(d) Everett Yow.

12. Why did Jack Crawford turn down Dr. Lecter's original offer of assistance in the Buffalo Bill case?
(a) Because Dr. Lecter's first offer was not sincere.
(b) Because Dr. Lecter was a convicted murderer.
(c) Because Dr. Lecter made a previous offer of assistance resulted in the near-death of an FBI agent.
(d) Because Dr. Lecter lied about what he knew.

13. Where does Buffalo Bill keep his victims?
(a) In a cage made with chicken wire.
(b) In a wooden box under his bed.
(c) In a dark, windowless room.
(d) In a deep pit.

14. Where does Senator Martin's offer allow Dr. Lecter to travel to once a year for vacation in return for information to help find her daughter?
(a) Plum Island.
(b) Riker's Island.
(c) The Grand Caymans.
(d) Paris.

15. Why does Jack Crawford want Clarice to start talking to Dr. Lecter again?
(a) Because he wants to get Clarice out of the way, and he thinks getting her to talk to Dr. Lecter will do just that.
(b) Because he believes Dr. Lecter lied about the how, why and by whom of Klaus' death.
(c) Because he thinks Dr. Lecter can teach Clarice some profiling skills.
(d) Because he thinks Clarice can get Dr. Lecter to tell her who Buffalo Bill really is.

Short Answer Questions

1. Clarice shares her worst memory with Dr. Lecter. What is that memory?

2. Describe Dr. Lecter's "lodgings" and "uniform" while his cell is being cleaned.

3. What is "Blue Canoe?"

4. In Chapter 22, Dr. Lecter tells Clarice that Buffalo Bill wants what?

5. Dr. Chilton hints to Dr. Lecter that two people are having an affair. What are the names of those two people?

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