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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Senator offer to Jack Crawford to entice him into taking her daughter's case?
(a) A job advancement.
(b) A substantial raise with enticing benefits.
(c) The opportunity to get his name in the paper.
(d) The use of a Lear jet so he can fly home each night to be with his ailing wife.

2. Who dumped Jame Gumb for another man?
(a) Catherine Martin.
(b) Frederica Bimmel.
(c) Benjamin Raspail.
(d) Klaus.

3. Who keeps Clarice from getting more information from Dr. Lecter?
(a) Miggs.
(b) Dr. Chilton's secretary.
(c) Dr. Chilton.
(d) Barney.

4. What is Buffalo Bill's routine with his victims?
(a) He abducts them, keeps them for a week, skins them alive, and dumps them in a river.
(b) He puts them in a hole and buries them up to their neck.
(c) He shoots them and dumps them in a ravine.
(d) He abducts them, calls the family for ransom, collects the money, and then kills them.

5. What kind of insect does the Erebus odora cocoon belong to?
(a) The Black Witch Moth.
(b) The Monarch Butterfly.
(c) The Darius Moth.
(d) The Skinner Butterfly.

6. Who killed Benjamin Raspail and why?
(a) Benjamin Raspail killed himself during auto-erotic asphyxiation.
(b) Jack Crawford killed Benjamin Raspail because he tried to get away.
(c) Dr. Lecter killed Benjamin Raspail because he was whiny and making no progress.
(d) Benjamin Raspail is still alive.

7. What is the name of Jame Gumb's poodle?
(a) Princess.
(b) Cotton.
(c) Precious.
(d) Fluffy.

8. What happened to Benjamin Raspail's car?
(a) It was smashed into a cube.
(b) It was sold to a reckless teenager who wrecked it.
(c) It was sold three times and finally tracked to the latest owner.
(d) It was parked in an impound lot and forgotten.

9. After her father's death when she was a child, where did Clarice live?
(a) In Chicago with her mother and three siblings.
(b) With her grandparents.
(c) In a foster home.
(d) On a horse ranch owned by her mother's cousin.

10. In Chapter 22, Dr. Lecter tells Clarice that Buffalo Bill wants what?
(a) A vest with female breasts on it.
(b) Freedom to be open about his sexuality.
(c) A butterfly collection.
(d) A new car.

11. What is Dr. Lecter's nickname?
(a) Lecter the Specter.
(b) Hannibal the Cannibal.
(c) Dr. Death.
(d) Buffalo Bill.

12. In Chapter 25, what specific attributes does Dr. Lecter tell Clarice to look for when hunting for Buffalo Bill?
(a) Unemployed, white male, living with his mother.
(b) White male, thirty-five, with a history of extreme childhood violence.
(c) Schizophrenic with an overactive imagination.
(d) A normal, white male with blonde hair and green eyes, with a lisp.

13. What did Dr. Lecter tell Clarice she would find in the Packard?
(a) A valentine.
(b) A dead body.
(c) A collection of 8-track tapes.
(d) Dr. Lecter's patient notes.

14. What are the entomologists using to play chess?
(a) Checkers.
(b) A rhinoceros beetle.
(c) A marble chess set.
(d) Cheese and crackers shaped like chess pieces.

15. Where does Buffalo Bill keep his victims?
(a) In a dark, windowless room.
(b) In a cage made with chicken wire.
(c) In a wooden box under his bed.
(d) In a deep pit.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Clarice open the frozen locks on the storage unit?

2. What is the name of the renowned serial killer psychology expert who is interviewed by the newsmen covering the Senator's daughter's kidnapping?

3. What was the name of the agent who recruited Clarice? She later refers to this character as "a two-faced recruiting sergeant son of a bitch."

4. What does Clarice find in the jar that is in the Packard?

5. Dr. Lecter gave Clarice Klaus's cause of death. What did he say it was?

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