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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 56 - 61.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Describe Pembry's condition when Sergeant Tate's men reach the fifth floor.
(a) He is dead, and his hands have been removed.
(b) He has been decapitated.
(c) His head has been shoved between the bars of the cage, and his face has been chewed off.
(d) His face is grotesquely disfigured, but he is still alive.

2. What prompts Clarice to run away from the dude ranch when she is a child?
(a) She is rebelling and doesn't want to live in Montana.
(b) She was being molested by the owner of the ranch.
(c) In the middle of the night, she awoke to the screaming of the spring lambs being slaughtered.
(d) She doesn't get along with her foster family.

3. What is the last question Jame Gumb asks Clarice?
(a) "Don't you know who I am?"
(b) "Will you take care of Precious?"
(c) "How does it feel to be so beautiful?"
(d) "Why?"

4. From where does the Death's-head moth originate?
(a) Outer Mongolia.
(b) The Amazon rainforest.
(c) The Congo.
(d) Malaysia.

5. What music does Dr. Lecter request?
(a) "La Traviata".
(b) "Requiem In C Minor".
(c) "Jesus Christ Superstar".
(d) "Goldberg Variations".

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jack Crawford think that Dr. Lecter knows about Buffalo Bill?

2. What is Jame Gumb's physical description?

3. What is notable about the vacation spot that Senator Martin offers to Dr. Lecter in return for information to aid in the return of her daughter?

4. How does Dr. Lecter escape?

5. Where is the Hostage Rescue Team going to apprehend Buffalo Bill?

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