The Silence of the Lambs Character Descriptions

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Clarice Starling

This character is the protagonist, hailing from a poverty-ridden rural small town and growing up in an orphanage.

Dr. Hannibal Lecter

This character is a serial killer who is brilliant, suave, courteous to a fault, and yet also a vicious killer who enjoys feeding off the pain of fellow human beings.

Jack Crawford

Section Chief of Behavioral Sciences Department at Quantico who is responsible for recruiting Clarice Starling into the FBI.

Jame Gumb, A.K.A. Buffalo Bill

Described by intimate associates as a human void, this character has always been violent and, at the age of 12, murdered close relatives in cold blood.

Dr. Frederick Chilton

This character is the antagonist's nemesis, but in reality is not clever enough to be anyone's nemesis. This character hinders the investigation but ends up looking like a fool on television, thanks to the antagonist.

Senator Ruth Martin

This character...

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