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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. All three parts of "Composition as Process" were given in what country?
(a) Germany.
(b) Austria.
(c) France.
(d) England.

2. Cage says in his foreword that he has been writing articles and giving lectures for over how many years?
(a) 30.
(b) 20.
(c) 40.
(d) 25.

3. Cage recalls going to the Bolshoi Ballet with whom?
(a) Erik Satie.
(b) David Tudor.
(c) Arnold Schoenberg.
(d) M. C. Richards.

4. Where did Cage recall taking eight children to a zoo?
(a) Bear Lake Park.
(b) Bear Mountain Park.
(c) Bear Lake Mountain.
(d) Bear Mountain Lake.

5. What grade was Cage in when his dad mentioned a trip to another country, which never happened?
(a) 4th.
(b) 6th.
(c) 5th.
(d) 3rd.

6. According to Cage, what was the method for bringing about unpredictability?
(a) R-Ching.
(b) I-Ching.
(c) A-Ching.
(d) L-Ching.

7. What female author did Cage ask Dr. Suzuki about at dinner?
(a) Charlotte Brontë.
(b) Gertrude Stein.
(c) George Eliot.
(d) Louisa May Alcott.

8. Who did Yun Kiang meet while rambling to the east?
(a) Ming Yao.
(b) Hung Mung.
(c) Kwang Tse.
(d) Kuong Chuo.

9. Cage had a method for bringing about unpredictability where he tossed coins how many times?
(a) Two times.
(b) Three times.
(c) Four times.
(d) Six times.

10. What composer wrote "Indices"?
(a) Earle Brown.
(b) Julius Eastman.
(c) Christian Wolff.
(d) Morton Feldman.

11. According to Cage's essay, Erik Satie said he was tired of dying of what?
(a) A broken heart.
(b) Lung cancer.
(c) The flu.
(d) Boredom.

12. Who accompanied Cage and eight children on a trip to a zoo?
(a) Barbara Lawson.
(b) Christina Linus.
(c) Claire Austen.
(d) Merce Cunningham.

13. Who is the author of "Essay on Rime"?
(a) Karl Shapiro.
(b) Jesse Simpson.
(c) Samuel Gallina.
(d) Andrea Del Gato.

14. In the "Definitions" section of "Forerunners of Modern Music," what term is "sound and silence"?
(a) Method.
(b) Material.
(c) Structure.
(d) Form.

15. In the "Strategy" section of "Forerunners of Modern Music," what term does Cage say "may be planned or improvised"?
(a) Method.
(b) Material.
(c) Structure.
(d) Form.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who wrote "Quantitaten"?

2. What university published Cage's book of lectures and essays?

3. What was Cage's wife's name?

4. What was the occupation of the person Cage thanks at the end of his foreword?

5. In what publication did Cage's essay on Erik Satie first appear?

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