Silence; Lectures and Writings Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. In the book's Foreword, how does Cage describe the way the writings and lectures in his book are written and presented?

The author introduces the writings in this collection by explaining that they were written and presented in ways deliberately chosen to be non-traditional. He is not simply a presenter reading his text from beginning to end following a linear structure of thought and idea.

2. How does Cage feel about poetry, according to what he says in his Foreword?

Cage says that he has been concerned with poetry from a young age. He says he composes his lectures in the form of poetry, not to surprise people, but because of a need for poetry.

3. What does Cage say about being associated with Dadaism and Zen in his Foreword?

Cage says it is possible to make the connection but neither idea is a fixed tangible. They change in different places and times.

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