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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. "Edgard Varese" was first published in what publication?
(a) Musical Traditions.
(b) Nutida Musik.
(c) Muzica Moderna.
(d) Critical Musicology Journal.

2. What is different about the type Cage uses for "Composition as Process--2: Indeterminacy"?
(a) It is large.
(b) It is small.
(c) No punctuation is used.
(d) The font changes half way through.

3. Cage had a method for bringing about unpredictability where he tossed how many coins?
(a) Two coins.
(b) Six coins.
(c) Four coins.
(d) Three coins.

4. Where did Cage recall taking eight children to a zoo?
(a) Bear Lake Mountain.
(b) Bear Mountain Lake.
(c) Bear Lake Park.
(d) Bear Mountain Park.

5. What did Cage question about Erik Satie?
(a) If they ever met.
(b) His relevance.
(c) His death.
(d) Who should take credit for his work.

Short Answer Questions

1. What school did Merce Cunningham attend when he met Cage?

2. What female author did Cage ask Dr. Suzuki about at dinner?

3. "On Robert Rauschenberg, Artist, and His Work" was first published in what publication?

4. What composer wrote "Intersection 3"?

5. How much time elapsed between the two times Yun Kiang met a man acting like an animal?

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