Daily Lessons for Teaching Silence; Lectures and Writings

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Lesson 1 (from Part 1)


Part 1

In the "Foreword," the author introduces the writings in this collection by explaining that his non-traditional approach to writing and lecturing was influenced by Zen, Dada, and other people. This lesson will look at Cage's influences.


1) Class discussion: What ideas or people does Cage say inspired him as an artist? What techniques does the author use to convey to the reader that these ideas or people have inspired him? In other sections in Part 1, do you see traces of these influences?

2) In-class writing: Write a few paragraphs on Cage's feelings toward being influenced by Dadaism and Zen. How did he feel about them during his career? How does he feel about them now?

3) Small group discussion: Split the class into four groups and have them discuss the people that Cage mentions in his foreword. How have these people influenced his work? A spokesperson from...

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