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Essay Topic 1

What ideas or people does Cage say inspired him as an artist? What techniques does the author use to convey to the reader that these ideas or people have inspired him? In other sections in Part 1, do you see traces of these influences?

Essay Topic 2

How did Cage once feel about being labeled "experimental"? Why did he feel that way? What has he come to realize about the term? How does he feel about the label at the time "Experimental Music" is written?

Essay Topic 3

Based on the three anecdotes after "Composition as Process--III: Communication," what is Cage saying about having expectations? What expectations are not being met? Does Cage seem to agree with the feelings expressed by the people in his anecdotes? How clear is his message about expectations? What techniques does he use to make his point?

Essay Topic 4

Explore the author's use of...

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