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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 4-8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Godfrey hope to gain by marrying Nancy Lammeter?
(a) A dose of warmth and pleasantness into the cold nature of his life.
(b) A large family.
(c) A large dowry.
(d) A lifelong friendship.

2. Who is the greatest man in Raveloe?
(a) Squire Cass.
(b) William Dane.
(c) Godfrey Cass.
(d) Silas Marner.

3. Who at the Rainbow does Silas accuse of robbing him?
(a) Godfrey Cass.
(b) Mr. Dowlass.
(c) Jem Rodney.
(d) Mr. Snell, the landlord.

4. What form of judgment declared Silas Marner guilty of stealing at Lantern Yard?
(a) Mediation.
(b) A court case.
(c) The king’s order.
(d) Drawing lots.

5. Which two people go with Silas Marner to the constable’s after his gold is stolen?
(a) Mr. Dowlas and Jem Rodney.
(b) Mr. Snell, the landlord, and Mr. Dowlas.
(c) Mr. Snell, the landlord, and Godfrey.
(d) Godfrey and Mr. Dowlas.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long is Dunsey in Silas Marner’s cottage looking for the gold?

2. What two people are draining Godfrey of his money through bribes and hush money?

3. What does Dunsey suggest in order for Godfrey to get the money needed to pay his father back?

4. Does Silas Marner want to punish the thief who stole his gold?

5. Why is Silas Marner valuable to Raveloe?

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