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This sleepy little town is the setting in which most of the story of Silas Marner takes place. It is distinctly different from the bustle of Lantern Yard and proves a perfect place for the weaver to hide in his hurt and rejection.

Silas Marner’s Loom

This is where, as a weaver, Silas Marner distracts himself after being driven from his home. Shutting himself off from the rest of the world, he focuses solely on his loom and his ever-growing hoard of gold it has produced.

Silas Marner’s Gold

This is a distinct symbol of Silas’ loss of faith in both God and people and his new misplaced trust in his work and riches. The loss of his treasure is nearly equal to that of losing a child for him.

The Stone-pits

These are located very close to Silas Marner’s house, and prove to...

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