The Shrike Character Descriptions

Joseph Kramm
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John Ankoritis - This is a patient at the hospital, who is proud of their Greek heritage and intellect.

Dr. Barrow - This is one of the psychiatrists at the hospital who allows their decisions regarding the main character's length of stay to be influenced by outside people.

Dr. Bellman - This is another psychiatrist at the hospital, who appears interchangeable with the other doctors, and after trying to catch the main character in a lie, ends up releasing them from the hospital.

Miss Cardell - This is a student nurse who works on Ward One and maintains a tough, condescending tone toward the patients.

Frank Carlisle - This is a gentle, elderly black patient, who expresses a desire to be left alone.

Charlotte - This character never appears in the play but still plays a crucial role because of a romantic relationship with the main...

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