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Short Answer Questions

1. In a flashback, Ray remembers the first time he met Eddie Scissons. Where did he meet him?

2. Ray calls Annie from their brief stay at a motel. What does Annie tell Ray?

3. What position player is Ray excited to see finally appear on the field?

4. What is the relationship between Ray, Richard and the catcher for the White Sox?

5. How long did Moonlight Graham play in the majors?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Symbolism is a literary device used to give meaning to an object beyond the obvious. Write an essay that analyzes a symbol used in Shoeless Joe. Include a description of the symbol and how it is used in the novel.

Essay Topic 2

Oftentimes, an author's bias about an event comes through in their writing. In an essay, evaluate W.P. Kinsella's stance Use examples from the text to support your thesis.

Essay Topic 3

In Shoeless Joe, some characters can see the "magic," while others cannot. In an essay, analyze who can see the magic and those that can't. What qualities do those who can see the magic possess?

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