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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What profession is the hitch hiker who Ray and JD Salinger pick up?
(a) A mechanic.
(b) A farmhand.
(c) A baseball player.
(d) A writer.

2. What kind of car does Ray drive?
(a) A Chevrolet.
(b) A Dodge.
(c) A Datsun.
(d) A Toyota.

3. Ray calls Annie from their brief stay at a motel. What does Annie tell Ray?
(a) That there hasn't been a baseball game since he left.
(b) That the corn is crowning.
(c) That Karin lost her first tooth.
(d) The Mark is trying to buy the farm.

4. What condition is the field in when Ray returns from his road trip?
(a) Perfect shape with freshly mowed grass.
(b) The field is gone, it has been replaced by corn.
(c) Good shape because Annie took care of it while he was gone.
(d) Ragged shape with dandelions and overgrown grass.

5. Who does the announcer say is the White Sox catcher?
(a) Babe Ruth.
(b) Johnny Kinsella.
(c) Yogi Berra.
(d) Johnny Bench.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "The Oldest Living Chicago Cub", while Ray, Salinger and Graham are making breakfast, who calls them on the phone?

2. What position did Moonlight Graham play in the major league?

3. After interviewing people of the town, what does Ray compare memories of Doc Graham to?

4. With what title does Moonlight Graham sign a questionnaire?

5. What does Ray do for a second time as he and JD start their road trip?

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