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Objective: Shoeless Joe Jackson Comes to Iowa Shoeless Joe, while being a work of fiction, incorporates the real events of the 1919 Black Sox Scandal when eight members of the Chicago White Sox were banned for life from baseball for allegedly throwing the World Series games. This lesson will provide an overview of this historical event which is critical to understanding this novel.

1. Lecture: Prepare a lecture on Shoeless Joe and the "Blacks Sox Scandal." Include the following key points:

* "Black Sox Scandal" refers to the 1919 World Series games allegedly thrown by the Chicago White Sox
* Players involved
* Role of Commissioner Landis
* Role of gambling in the Black Sox scandal
* Evidence of throwing the game

While lecturing, direct students to take notes. After the lecture, have students quiz each other on the main points.

2. Graphic organizer: On the board, create a t-chart, labeling one side "evidence against Shoeless...

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