Ship of Fools Character Descriptions

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Amparo - She is one of the group of Spanish dancers on the ship. She is beautiful but often ungracious. She has sex with men for money, which she then hands over to her lover, Pepe.

Frau Greta Baumgartner - She is unable to halt her husband's decline and watches disapprovingly as he sinks further. Sometimes, she takes out her frustrations on their helpless son.

Hans Baumgartner - He is a timid and delicate looking eight-year-old boy.

Herr Karl Baumgartner - He is a sickly looking German lawyer, who practiced law in Mexico City.

Jenny Brown - She is a young American artist with a bold manner, but she is also restless, dissatisfied, and superficial.

Father Carillo - He has a hatred for atheism and political radicalism, which he believes lead the lower classes astray, and he regards the poor travelers in steerage with suspicion.


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