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• The German ship, Vera, is bound from Mexico to Germany in August, 1931.

• Most of the passengers are glad to be leaving Mexico which is in a state of uprising.

• The ship's doctor, Dr. Schumann, watches as the passengers board.

• There are 14 German passengers, three Swiss passengers, ten Spanish dance passengers, a Cuban exile, eight Mexican passengers, a Swedish passenger and four American passengers.

• The passengers find their cabin assignments and realize that they are comfortable only during dinner when they can be with people of their own nationality.

• On the third day of the journey, the ship docks in Havana, Cuba, where 876 dirty Spanish people board the ship.

• The Spanish people are being shipped home to Spain because of the declining sugar market in Cuba where there is no longer enough work for them.

• In addition to the Spanish workers, six Cuban students board as first-class passengers...

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