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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is happening to Benjamin in Chapter 31?
(a) He is being shipped off to another planet.
(b) He is undergoing re-education.
(c) He is being held in a Shammat penitentiary.
(d) He is being recalled to the Canopean embassy.

2. What devastating news does Rachel receive in Chapter 28?
(a) Her mother has cancer.
(b) She is unable to have children.
(c) Naseem and Shireen are dead.
(d) Her fiance was killed.

3. How much SOWF does Lynda believe other people receive?
(a) 6%.
(b) 4%.
(c) 5%.
(d) 3%.

4. How does George Herbert feel about Lynda's claims, initially?
(a) He doesn't believe her.
(b) He believes her wholeheartedly.
(c) He has his doubts.
(d) He thinks she may be right.

5. Why is Rachel unable to understand some conversations between George and his teachers?
(a) She was not as well-educated as he.
(b) They often spoke in a foreign language.
(c) She has too little SOWF.
(d) They used technical jargon.

6. Why does Johor want to find his comrades in Chapter 20?
(a) He needs them to help him round up the other souls.
(b) He has a message from the embassy for them.
(c) They are in imminent danger.
(d) So he can convince them to reincarnate with him.

7. Which sibling is fairly normal, but sometimes gets deeply depressed over things like corruption in the world?
(a) None of them.
(b) George.
(c) Benjamin.
(d) Rachel.

8. Who is the author of the report that comprises Chapter 31?
(a) Rachel.
(b) A member of George's youth army.
(c) A Chinese agent of Shammat.
(d) Taufiq.

9. What does Rachel do in Chapter 30 in response to hearing the rumor?
(a) She disguises herself, and goes to find George.
(b) She goes home to protect her parents.
(c) She kills Suzannah.
(d) She goes to find Benjamin and help him escape.

10. Chapter 22 details a growing gap, and more hostility, between what two groups?
(a) Whites and minorities.
(b) The Canopeans and the Shammat.
(c) The Natives and the Giants.
(d) Rich and poor.

11. What is John Brent-Oxford's role, in Chapter 33?
(a) He is the defense attorney.
(b) He is the judge.
(c) He is the court scribe.
(d) He is the Prosecutor.

12. What is the sad state of Shikasta blamed on?
(a) The inherent evil nature of the Natives.
(b) The influence of the Shammat.
(c) The presence of the Giants.
(d) The lack of SOWF.

13. What do the races suppressed by the whites want to do in Chapter 33?
(a) Join forces to regain control over global politics.
(b) Exterminate the whites.
(c) Appeal to the Canopeans to get the whites shipped off of Shikasta.
(d) Put the whites on a public trial.

14. What happened to Rachel, as detailed in Chapter 31?
(a) She suffered a mental breakdown, and committed suicide.
(b) She was killed in a youth army plot gone awry.
(c) She was kidnapped by Shammat agents.
(d) She was injured in an assassination attempt on her brother.

15. Rachel reports that she asks her parents, numerous times, about what?
(a) Why George receives special treatment.
(b) Where she will go when she dies.
(c) Why and how the Giants were put on Shikasta.
(d) Why they chose not to have more children.

Short Answer Questions

1. What ideologies declined during the time period described in Chapter 19?

2. What ideologies rose to replace the declining ones, in Chapter 19?

3. What ideology is described as most dangerous, in Chapter 19?

4. What rumor does Rachel hear in Chapter 30?

5. Who stages the mock trial in Chapter 33?

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