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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the horseman's hat look like?
(a) It shows the scarlet, gold, and black cockade of the Netherlands.
(b) Like it has been shot.
(c) Like an English officer's hat.
(d) It is dressed with a band with the Russian colors.

2. How are the Brunswickers identified?
(a) Feathers in their caps.
(b) Yellow coats.
(c) Black coats.
(d) Green coats.

3. How old is Napoleon's campaign in Belgium?
(a) 10 hours.
(b) One week.
(c) 24 hours.
(d) Less than 48 hours.

4. From where do Harper and Sharpe withdraw?
(a) Belgium.
(b) The Prince of Orange.
(c) Their devastated regiment.
(d) Quatre Bras.

5. What happens to the Dutch-Belgian guns and infantry?
(a) They confuse their orders and are not where they are supposed to be.
(b) They leave the battlefield in a blind panic.
(c) They are slaughtered almost to a man.
(d) They are flanked and surrender.

6. Where do Sharpe and Doggett find a French battalion?
(a) They find no French.
(b) Near the village of Frasnes.
(c) Almost to Brussels.
(d) Near Quatre Bras.

7. Why is the Prince of Orange enraged?
(a) Because his infantry collapse on the first attack and his cavalry is routed by the French lancers.
(b) Because the Duke of Wellington snubs him.
(c) Because his reserve war horse has also been killed.
(d) Because he thinks he should lead a charge against the Cuirassiers.

8. Why do the Belgian cavalry flee?
(a) They are afraid to attack the more experienced French cavalry.
(b) They secretly root for Napoleon's victory.
(c) They do not like the Prince of Orange.
(d) They had belonged to the French cavalry the year previously.

9. Why is the Duchess apprehensive of Rossendale being at her home?
(a) Because Lieutenant-Colonel Sharpe will be there and Rossendale's mistress is Sharpe's unfaithful wife, Jane.
(b) Because he would be disobeying orders to come there.
(c) Because Napoleon will kill her if he finds out.
(d) She is not apprehensive.

10. What order is Sharpe given?
(a) To withdraw from battle and consider himself subject to execution for disobeying a direct order under battle.
(b) To report the next day for court martial.
(c) To report his insubordination to the Duke of Wellington.
(d) To rejoin his old regiment.

11. What is given to the general of the French dragoons in Charleroi?
(a) A 21-gun salute.
(b) Misleading information.
(c) A bunch of violets.
(d) A map showing the English gun emplacements.

12. To whom is a note about the French advance delivered?
(a) The King of Belgium.
(b) The Duke of Wellingham.
(c) No one.
(d) General Dornberg.

13. Where is Napoleon Bonaparte as the Dragoons cross into Belgium?
(a) About 10 miles south of the entry place.
(b) In Paris.
(c) On Elba Island.
(d) In Russia.

14. Who is with Sharpe when he joins the Prince of Orange at Quatre Bras?
(a) The 110th Rifle Brigade.
(b) Rossendale.
(c) Patrick Harper.
(d) The Prince of Wales.

15. What do the men under Sharpe's leadership do when they cannot form a square?
(a) Retreat to the trees.
(b) Surrender.
(c) Run behind the cavalry as back up.
(d) Run for the high ground to reform.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the Duke of Wellington treat the Prince of Orange?

2. How are the French Dragoons received by the Belgium people?

3. Who is Prince William of Orange?

4. Who joins the fray who Sharpe and Harper recognize?

5. What does Bonaparte consider the enemy to be?

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