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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What must Sharpe do by the Prince of Orange's orders?
(a) Take a force of riflemen to flank the Dragoons.
(b) Attend a ball in Brussels and wear a Dutch uniform.
(c) Reconcile with Rossendale.
(d) Stay with the Prince and not go out to the front lines.

2. What is given to the general of the French dragoons in Charleroi?
(a) A bunch of violets.
(b) A map showing the English gun emplacements.
(c) Misleading information.
(d) A 21-gun salute.

3. Who arrives at Quatre Bras with the British Light Cavalry?
(a) John Rossendale.
(b) John Faringale.
(c) No one.
(d) The Baron von Helmeld.

4. How might the pace of the Prussian Major who is taking news to Brussels be described?
(a) Stalled.
(b) Rapid.
(c) Slow through neccessity.
(d) Irresponsibly leisurely.

5. What has Wellington promised Blucher?
(a) Wellington will come to Blucher's aid unless he himself is attacked at the crossroads.
(b) To lend him Sharpe if necessary.
(c) To send the Prince of Orange back to the reserves.
(d) To have the Dragoons in rout by the end of the day.

6. What abates the Prince of York's excitement?
(a) The French change direction and the Prince's troops do not get to fight.
(b) The Dragoons capture the Prince.
(c) The first French attack.
(d) His new warhorse is killed almost immediately.

7. What persists towards the East from where Sharpe and Harper are?
(a) The sounds of battle between the Prussians and French.
(b) A heavy fog.
(c) Flocks of crows and ravens circling.
(d) Grass fires.

8. What does Napoleon do in the East?
(a) Withdraws his cavalry.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Attacks Blucher's Prussian army.
(d) Defeats the Dutch artillery.

9. What causes the most casualties to the Dragoons from the Prussians?
(a) Hidden cannons.
(b) The elite cavalry of the Prussian army.
(c) A ditch filled with pitch that they light.
(d) Their sharpshooter brigade.

10. What is Lucille most afraid of as she says goodbye to Sharpe?
(a) Rossendale taking out his hatred of Sharpe on Lucille.
(b) Having to go back to England unwed and pregnant if Sharpe dies.
(c) Sharpe getting killed.
(d) A British defeat and the French marching into Brussels.

11. What stops the cavalry advance of the Prince of Orange?
(a) Napoleon mastiff dogs which spook the horses.
(b) A French infantry square.
(c) A line of pitch set on fire.
(d) Large cannon fire.

12. About what is the Duke of Wellington worried?
(a) Getting back to England.
(b) His wife's pregnancy.
(c) His daughter's illness.
(d) The quality and numbers of his troops.

13. To whom is a note about the French advance delivered?
(a) No one.
(b) The King of Belgium.
(c) General Dornberg.
(d) The Duke of Wellingham.

14. Why is the Duchess apprehensive of Rossendale being at her home?
(a) Because Lieutenant-Colonel Sharpe will be there and Rossendale's mistress is Sharpe's unfaithful wife, Jane.
(b) Because Napoleon will kill her if he finds out.
(c) Because he would be disobeying orders to come there.
(d) She is not apprehensive.

15. What happens to Saxe-Weimar's men?
(a) They turncoat and join the French in attacking the Prince of Orange's troops.
(b) They are the first to be slaughtered.
(c) They retreat in an orderly fashion.
(d) They surrender.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many more rivers does Napoleon have to cross before reaching Brussels?

2. How many of the Duke of Wellington's troops are reliable?

3. What does Sharpe do before returning to Quartre Bras?

4. Who launches a full scale cavalry charge to keep the British from forming squares again?

5. What is the horseman attempting to do?

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