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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did the preliminary questioning of McCandless?
(a) Appah Rao.
(b) Gudin.
(c) General Pachimpu.
(d) The Havildar.

2. What does Hakeswill attempt to do to Sharpe about his musket?
(a) Make Sharpe look foolish.
(b) Get him killed when it fires inaccurately.
(c) Make him lose it when the strap breaks.
(d) Entrap him into a flogging offense.

3. What kind of weapon does McCandless use?
(a) A musket and bayonet.
(b) A Scottish claymore.
(c) A halberd.
(d) A rapier.

4. Where does Rao and McCandless determine is a place where the British should not attack Tippoo's city?
(a) By the eastern gate.
(b) Through the main gates.
(c) At the western wall.
(d) At the tower on the north.

5. How long did the battle just over in Chapter 1 last?
(a) All day.
(b) A few minutes.
(c) Half an hour.
(d) Four hours.

6. What type of weapon is Hakeswill carrying?
(a) A musket and bayonet.
(b) A sword.
(c) A knife and a pistol.
(d) A halberd.

7. Where does McCandless wait for Appah Rao?
(a) At an ancient temple.
(b) At a river ford.
(c) By an old rajah estate.
(d) In a tavern.

8. Who is watching Sharpe and Mary talk?
(a) Lieutenant Lawford.
(b) Captain Morris.
(c) Hakeswill.
(d) Sergeant Green.

9. Who is Colonel Gudin?
(a) A former British officer who is also a deserter.
(b) The officer who questions Sharpe and Lawford.
(c) A captured Irish officer.
(d) A captured British officer.

10. What does Hakeswill do with the man who has money taped to his chest?
(a) Kills him and takes the money.
(b) Knocks him out and takes the money.
(c) Trade a bandage for the money.
(d) Promise to contact the man's family for the money.

11. Where is McCandless taken?
(a) To a dungeon in New Delli.
(b) Seringapatam.
(c) To the Rjah Particupam's palace.
(d) Nowhere.

12. About what are Sharpe and Lawson questioned?
(a) The reason for their desertion.
(b) How many British troops are assigned to each squad.
(c) Why they would desert when they have the upper hand.
(d) If they will give their fealty.

13. What do the deserters notice about where they are taken?
(a) There are lots of civilians.
(b) It is highly fortified.
(c) It is almost deserted of soldiers.
(d) It is quite noisy.

14. Who would Sharpe ask permission to marry Mary if he wanted to do that?
(a) Sergeant Hakeswill.
(b) Lieutenant Lawford.
(c) Colonel Wellesley.
(d) Captain Morris.

15. What is Sharpe contemplating at the beginning of Chapter 1?
(a) Desertion.
(b) He's thinking about women.
(c) How much money he can find.
(d) Death.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Gudin suggest about McCandless to Tippoo?

2. Who was Mary's dead husband?

3. What does Mary suggest Sharpe do?

4. How many tigers are in the courtyard?

5. Who halts Sharpe's flogging before it is finished?

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