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Thirty-third Regiment

This is the part of the British army to which Sharpe belongs.


This is the country in which the British fight to gain enough power for increasing the trade of the East India Company.


This is the region of western India that Tippoo controls as king until the British defeat his army and Sharpe kills him.


This is the city that the British capture.

Black-powder Mine

Tippoo builds this to destroy most of the British army but Sharpe blows it up before it can kill any British soldiers.


This is the primary weapon in use by the infantry on both sides in the Battle of Seringapatam.


Tippoo keeps these chained in his courtyard.


This is where Sharpe, Lawford, McCandless, and Hakeswill are imprisoned.


Tippoo uses these to defend Seringapatam and Sharpe uses them to clear away the guards near...

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